Providing Probiotic solutions to help optimise your body’s friendly bacteria, giving you strong gut health to achieve better health.


Specialised in effervescent tablet format, to help boost immune system and improve physical performance and strength.


Pnflex brand focuses primarily on the health products and application that help maintain strong Joint, Bone and Muscle health.


Great-tasting gummy vitamins fortified with vitamins and minerals proven to be effective for your child’s growth.


PNPlus, a dietary supplement that offers a formulation solely developed for South East Asian, addressing this populations’ nutrition concern.


PrincipleNutrition is a complete line of dietary supplements that utilizes technology and innovation to create premium nutrition products.


SlimSpa is dedicated to offer the safest and most effective slimming products available for the market.


X-Diet offers the latest slimming technology using all natural premium ingredients to ensure fast and lasting results.

Medix Singapore

Medix is a European brand known for its do-it-yourself home diagnostic care devices.