In PrincipleNutrition, we believe where each individual has a responsibility to achieve optimal health to maximise their ‘unique’ potential. Why? Because every one of us is called to serve mankind in a positive way. This is only possible if we are healthy, not struggling with emotional anxiety or stress due to poor nutrition.

Together with in-house scientists and researchers, PrincipleNutrition laboratories have developed a complete line of nutritional supplements from your ‘daily vitamin needs to ‘functional-based’ supplements.

In PrincipleNutrition, we believe everyone deserves to be healthier, no matter their current level of health. Our vision is to provide complete well-balanced nutrition to cover individual and family wellness.

PrincipleNutrition™ 2020
Today, PrincipleNutrition offers over 100+ complete line of dietary supplements via our Brand extensions divided into 14 health categories.

• PNKids™ / Functional Kids supplements in gummy, chewable and liquid format.
• PNVita™/ Complete line of generic dietary supplements for adults.
• PNFlex™/ Dietary supplements with focus on mobility, joint bone and muscle health.
• PNBiotics™ / Best Probiotic formulations with “time-release” encapsulation technology.
• PNPlus™ / Premium formulations with focus on providing the best ingredients and balance for our most demanding customers.
• PNfizz™ / Effervescent delivery system manufactured by our German GMP Laboratories.
• SlimSpa™ / Effective herbal Slimming formulations for women and men in oral, topical and tea format.
• X-Diet™ / Slimming formulations for “Generation Z”

Today, PrincipleNutrition is present in thousands of retail stores in the Asia regions. Whether you shop online or in one of our many retail locations, you can count on PrincipleNutrition to offer the highest quality nutritional supplements to complete the family’s well-being.

Quality: We innovate while maintaining our fundamental commitment to high quality.
Purity: We take the time to source pure ingredients and process them with great care.
Efficacy: We look for effective approaches to nourish your body and soul.
Potency: The value and consistency of our product are rooted in potent formulas made with integrity.
Identity: We test thoroughly and verify the identity of each product.