PNVita™ is the eco-system that encompasses several of the most innovative health supplement brands developed by PrincipleNutrition. Hence the letters P&N in-front of all our Brands.
In 1971, Nutritional experts and health-care specialists combined their passion on vision to create affordable consumer healthcare solutions for the everyday person, to help them live a fuller, healthier and more enjoyable life.

Taking advantages of our technological innovation, quality control and GMP facilities in the USA, and combining the traditional knowledge and natural resources of our key Asian markets, we have been able to bring both, “West” and “East” together. Creating a natural and effective Health solution, that truly brings out the ‘Best of the West and East’.

Under PNVita you can find the following brands:

Offers quality functional health supplements for adults.

Offers selected and Premium health supplement formulations for adults.

Health supplements for adults in effervescent form for easy absorption.

Premium functional health supplement for kids in gummy, chewable and syrup format that kids and parents love.

Effective and proven weight management supplements to help adults lose weight with ease.

PNVita’s brands are represented throughout the world with over 100 Billion bottles sold. In Asia, PNVita is one of the most trusted and Awarded Health Supplement Brands in Singapore. In Vietnam, PNVita products are now available in more than 1000 retail stores and all major online marketplaces.